Chakra Tips

Disclaimer: Aeon Gardens currently does not employ any licensed doctors. All recommendations should be discussed with your own doctor before beginning anything. These are general tips, and every person is different in terms of how their mind, body and spirit responds to these suggestions. The goal is to provide a guideline, but it is up to you how to utilize any form of advice given by this company and Ophi Hawk.

Warning: If chakra work is done irresponsibly, it could result in feeling sick. The best results occur when you already have healthy eating and sleeping habits. Being able to meditate comfortably for at least 15 minutes is highly reccomended, because it gets your mind prepared for the adjustments that will occur in your body with chakra work. Consider only journalling to balance chakras if the recommendations above have not been attempted in the past few weeks.

  • Technically, working on your chakras is realigning your body, and it is the reason journaling is the most important part of chakra work.
  • Embodying the 5 senses on each chakra is taking it to next level (it is not required). Only this portion of chakra work can make you feel sick when the body is not prepared before hand. If this occurs stay on that chakra longer until you feel balanced, then move onto the next chakra.
  • Generally, one week per chakra is customary, but it is best to flow with the timing of your own body. For safety measures, doing one chakra per day is not advised for the 5 senses, but it is still safe for journaling.
  • There are 3 common ways to work on the chakras:
    • 1) Root to Crown; 2) Crown to Root; 3) Stand-alone chakras- It means simply working on one chakra, and waiting at least a few weeks before working on another random chakra. This a good route to take if you cannot commit to doing them all sequentially, because it is not advised to stop in the middle of consecutive chakra work.


For journaling on chakra work, please use any website you see fit. An example of a website who differentiates between excessive, deficient, and balanced chakras is provided below for the seven main chakra system.

The goal is to identify where you are with each chakra, and journal your feelings about what brought you there, and how to bring your self back to balance. If the chakra you are working on is already balanced, it is always subject to go back into overactive or underactive. For this reason, journaling is still helpful to document what works to help keep the balance. It is also good to note what to stay away from, to reduce the chances of getting out of balance again.

Chakra Board

The 6th sense is knowing, which is the research component of chakra work. Consider making a collage of your understanding on each chakra. It is helpful to place your chakra board to be visible for you as you work on each chakra. Therefore, it is recommended to do all chakra boards before working on each chakra, consecutively.

Charka boards are good for stimulating each chakra, especially the colors. For overactive/underactive chakras, it is recommended to include the opposite chakra color in your chakra work to bring it back to balance.

Example: Use $1 plastic table cloths for each chakra color. Then place opposite colors next to eachother, such as green is the balancing color for the root chakra (red). If root is underactive, red will feel too much, and green will bring comfort. Each day challenge yourself to slide a little more red. By the end of each chakra work, you will be able to see both colors equally next to eachother.

Additional Chakras

There are many chakra systems. Aeon Gardens follows these 13 chakras:

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