Ophi Hawk is the founder of Aeon Gardens. She began her spiritual journey in 2011, when a physical ailment happened to her. This awakened her to realizing that she was so busy taking care of others, she forgot to take care of herself. Since then, she has successfully stopped enabling people to take advantage of her. It is said that the most valuable word on Earth is “No,” and it is essential when setting boundaries with narcisistic people, and preventing further self-sabotage. Self-love is keeping your soul values, even if others or your ego do not agree.

We are only accountable for what we think, say and do. Maintaining the change we want to be in ourselves is already participating in changing the world (a paraphrase from Ghandi). Our company phrase “Healing Maintenance” stems from this concept.

All the products sold or videos created by Aeon Gardens are there to empower people to do their own research, while still being inspired by the research of others. Once people take enough responsibility for change in their own lives, it is only natural to gain the courage to participate in much greater change in this world.

Ophi Hawk’s background is mostly in auditing and technical writing, which means she is good at researching, presenting, and referencing her sources. The topics she presents are intended for us to question our environment, and how we honestly feel about ourselves and others.

For more about Ophi Hawk, check our her website:

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