Aeon Gardens is a company that is intended to become an on-line school. If you are interested in becoming a student, being a teacher or one of the experts we interview, please review the “Collaboration” post for more details. Also, if you are an experienced programmer, and you are interested in building the software for this school, please see the “Collaboration” post as well.

The founder of this company, Ophi Hawk, had an intense experience in 2019 in which everything fell into place in her life. It started with a document she was inspired to create, involving all areas of her entire life. This document is what she intends for people to create in our on-line school. With each exercise, it becomes very personalized. Ultimately, this document is intended to be used to remember who you are, and your life path.

Ophi has been doing chakra work since 2016, and each time she does it, something wonderful manifests. She usually accompanies her chakra work with silence, which could be an added factor in her results. For additional info on how she does chakra work, see the “Chakras Tip” post in the details tab.

There are chakras in most everything around us. As Ophi explored New Age topics further, she found that there were many contradictory answers, and not enough straight forward answers. She decided to apply her research skills to get as close to her truth as possible, and encourages you to come to your own truth.

The products she offers is intended for us to go on the research journey together, making it perfectly fine for you to venture off on your own, if you are at a faster or slower pace. It is not about being right, it is about quantifying how many people are saying the same/different things, using your intuition, and deciding truth for yourself. Everyone is different in terms of preference, and Aeon Gardens wants to give you the option to choose, by presenting as much as possible on each topic. Since change is natural, the plan is to revisit each topic to continue to have growing minds and spirits.

This company is open to considering investors, and is prepared with a presentation. Should you be interested, please proceed to the “Collaboration” post in the details tab.

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